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Discovery For Life

Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch

racing through the maize

Yesterday we headed south to a neighboring county to visit a corn maze and pumpkin patch. Miss Muffin excels at finding her way through the mazes now and this one was almost too easy. I wish we’d realized sooner that there was an even bigger tougher maze there than the one we went through.

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Second Thoughts

When I saw this week’s Succinctly Yours picture, I couldn’t resist joining in.

Photo for Sept 17 Succinctly Yours

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End of Week 3

can crusher results and homemade wind vane

Today Miss Muffin gets to come to school with Mom for a while. She’s excited to be doing something different even if it did mean she had to work extra hard to get there.

The photo above shows the results of a couple of her Friday science units. She was thrilled that the Steve Spangler instructions for the can crusher actually worked and couldn’t wait to do it again. After last year’s flop with instructions from the school that should not be named I’m glad to have a few successes under our belt. [Read more →]



Flexibility, it’s one of the biggest perks to homeschooling as far as I’m concerned. Last year while using TNVA we ran into issues with Miss Muffin’s math fact fluency but there was little opportunity to slow down and address the issue. Then later in the year we were left scrambling to make up completion percentage we’d lost during the brief time we did do off curriculum work. [Read more →]


?!?!?Back to School?!?!?

As a product of the New York state educational system’s September to June schedule, I’ve barely begun wrapping my head around southern schools starting in August and ending in May and now there’s something even stranger. The local public schools opened today for a short two hour day, they have tomorrow off and then they start a regular schedule Wednesday.

Summer is still in full force and it seems more than a little insane to consider starting our homeschooling now; but the two week breaks between quarters present lots of opportunities for Miss Muffin to interact with local children so I’ve been doing some shuffling to get at a few days in this week. [Read more →]


On the Move

I’m back in central Tennessee tonight and it was quite the adventure to get here. There were delays, accidents, and rush hour traffic to contend with. It really is a good thing that it’s only me in school at the moment or our whole schedule would be shot. I will be so glad when the move is over and we are all here for at least the next two years. [Read more →]


School’s Done!

School's Out!

It’s so exciting! School is done for the year and Miss Muffin has finished 4th grade with a straight A report card. I wish that they didn’t factor tests and standardized assessments so heavily into the grading structure but I can’t really change that so it is what it is. We’re all relived to be done with the whole virtual school experiment and are ready to go back to independent homeschooling. [Read more →]


We’re Almost There

We’ve been slugging through the last of our curriculum, sorting and packing, and getting ready to move. What I really want to do is just stop and runaway on one of those luxury tours. I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland, but I wouldn’t say no to France or Italy either. [Read more →]


Preparing for Next Year

Since we’re almost at the end of our TNVA/K12 journey and we definitely won’t be going back I’ve been researching materials for next year. While some of it is as simple as encouraging her to read a wide variety of books and explore the world around her it’s nice to have some quick and easy materials on hand. [Read more →]


There Are Moments…

We’ve had an unusual week with Sunday and Wednesday being dedicated primarily to travel, while Monday and Tuesday were spent house hunting. The travel went great, the house hunting not so much, but even with all the distractions we have managed to complete 6 of the 7 assessments that we need to turn in to her k12 teacher. [Read more →]