TenPoint Vapor Crossbow

What’s in the Box?
The TenPoint Vapor Crossbow
Quick-detach quiver
Six (6) 420 grain arrows with field tips
AcuDraw rope cocking device
A soft crossbow case
Owner’s manual and instructional DVD
Warranty card
TenPoint vehicle sticker
Noise-dampening kit
1 Lithium battery

The TenPoint Vapor comes already assembled, yes, the scope is also assembled too, when you take it out of the box, but you still have to attach the stock and quiver to complete the setup. The riser may have tight tendencies so it could take you awhile to get it properly aligned. It also comes with a soft crossbow case that you can use to store the Vapor when not in use however, it doesn’t include a padded sling but it is still easy to carry around especially during long field days.
Considered to be one of the most technologically advanced crossbows in the market today, the Vapor is very lightweight and compact, at 12.6” from axle to axle when cocked; perfect for ground blinds and treestands.
Known for it’s new riser design, the Vapor is a sleek hunting essential for all hunters alike.

The Power of the TenPoint Vapor Crossbow
The TenPoint Vapor is a fast and powerful barnett quad crossbow that can take down even the fiercest grizzly bear you can encounter (make sure you check with your local authorities before going on a hunt). A premium crossbow equipped with the latest high-tech features such as the Bullpup style stock, a tightly woven carbon rail, PowerTouch trigger, HE2 cams, and IsoTaper limbs.
This results in more maneuverability and less weight but with more firepower.

The Vapor deals out 121 lbs of kinetic energy making it really powerful, and since it also includes a noise-dampening kit, the Vapor is bound to surprise any animal that you set your eyes and scope on.
The Vapor is capable of firing arrows at 360 feet per second providing each arrow a whopping 118 pound of kinetic energy that is capable of taking own anything from turkeys, buffaloes, and even bears. Cocking the Vapor is easy enough as it’s smooth enough to be done in the heat of the moment, since safety is one of the highest priorities in creating this crossbow, you don’t have to worry about misfiring onto others as you hike up the woods.
Not only that, TenPoint has perfected the Parallel Limb System and the Hybrid eccentric cams in which many manufacturer’s have failed to replicate.

There are six arrows included in the TenPoint Vapor package, all of which are made from carbon, these arrows definitely hold true to their claim as they fly out straight and hit your target while you can opt to use other brand of arrows, remember to use arrows that are heavy – usually around 400 to 420 grains to maintain the performance of your crossbow (although you can use arrows weighing less than for the Vapor crossbow).
Don’t worry about approaching TenPoint with inquiries and problems regarding your your Vapor crossbow as their customer service is more than willing to help you out with anything regarding your crossbow and accessories.